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Ram asked 3 years ago

Some basic Java 8 Interview Questions 

  1. How is Java 8 different from previous Java versions?
  2. Is it possible to implement two interfaces having default method with same name and signature? Explain with example.
  3. What is Nashorn in Java 8?
  4. What is JJS?
  5. What is Type Inference?
  6. What is the difference between Predicate and Function?
  7. What is the difference between PermGenSpace and MetaSpace?
  8. What Is the difference between map and flatMap stream operation?
  9. What is the difference between Iterator and Spliterator ?
  10. What is StringJoiner?
  11. What does String :: value of expression means?
  12. What are the issues of the old Date and Time API’s? Can you tell about the new Date and Time API’s in java 8?
  13. What is a method reference?
  14. Tell me, why do we need change to Java again?
  15. What is a default method and when do we use it?