How to Write Test Scenario?

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Ashly asked 2 years ago


  • User Story ID/Requirement ID
  • Test Scenario ID
  • Test Scenario Description
  • of Test Cases
  • Priority

As a tester, you can follow these five steps to write a test scenario:
Step 1: First, carefully study the Requirement Document- (Business Requirement Specification (BRS), Software Requirement Specification (SRS), Functional Requirement Specification (FRS)) of the system under test (SUT) thoroughly. And also refer uses cases, manuals, books etc. of the application to be tested.
Step 2: For each requirement, find out how the user may use the software in all possible ways.
Step 3: List out test scenarios for each and every feature of the application under test (AUT).
Step 4: After listing the test scenarios, create a Traceability Matrix to ensure that every requirement is mapped to a test scenario or not.
Step 5: Send the test scenarios to the supervisor to review and evaluate them. Later, they are evaluated by other stakeholders of the project.

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