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Ashly asked 9 months ago

To update Python and Pip to their latest versions, follow the steps below. Keep in mind that these instructions might vary slightly depending on your operating system.
Updating Python:
Before updating Python, check your current Python version using the following command:

python --version

If you’re using Python 2.x, it’s strongly recommended to switch to Python 3.x, as Python 2 is no longer supported. If you’re using a version of Python 3.x that’s older than the latest release, you should update as well.
For Windows:
Visit the official Python website ( and download the latest installer for Windows. Run the installer and make sure to select the option to “Add Python x.x to PATH” during installation.
For macOS and Linux:
Python 3.x usually comes pre-installed on macOS and many Linux distributions. To update, use the package manager appropriate for your system.
For macOS with Homebrew:

brew update
brew upgrade python

For Debian/Ubuntu-based Linux:

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade python3

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