How to deploy Qlik sense?

Discussion RoomCategory: General QuestionHow to deploy Qlik sense?
Mohan asked 5 years ago

The architecture is based on site concepts. It is a combination of one or more node connected to a common repository or central node.
Qlik sense is deployed in many ways
Deploying single node sites: In this, all the qlik sense services run on a single node.
When there is single time zone, this kind of deployment works.
Deploying multi-node sites: The site is spread out across two or more nodes which contribute the exact set of info and license key.
The basic steps for deploying multimode sites are:
Install the primary node and this becomes the central node, which contains all apps that are needed.
 Install additional node as rim node.
In QMC (Qlik management Console) on the central node, add the new node to the site.
 Before testing new node, until the first sync.
Similarly, add additional nodes, one at a time, until the multimode site is complete.

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