This Arabic course is created and designed according to and inline with:
1- CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) and
2- ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages)

►► This Arabic course is for you because:

► You will master Arabic writing system

1— Writing is one of the 4 skills of any language, and you should learn the 4 skills المهارات اللغوية at the same time, the Ultimate Arabic Course (level 1) takes you step-by-step and teaches you the Arabic writing system correctly.

2— This is the first online Arabic course of its type that teaches you the 2 common ways of writing in Arabic (Naskh printing and Roq’ah handwriting styles) خط النسخ وخط الرقعة

3— You will learn the most common mistakes most students make when writing Arabic words and you will learn how to avoid them.

4— You will learn a new 4-steps technique on how to write any Arabic word even if it is your first time to hear that word.

► You will Say goodbye to any textbooks for beginners

1— This amazing comprehensive Arabic course is a complete guide that teaches you everything you need to learn from the beginning, you will not need to buy any Arabic textbooks or tutorials for beginners to learn the basics. You will never need to adapt to any other methods, you can start from scratch and get unimaginable results in short time.

2— This Arabic course has been created and developed in 15+ hours of comprehensive video lessons and free access to answers to questions submitted by other eager students like you.

3— Unlike other Arabic courses out there, you have direct contact with your teacher and if you have any questions about any lesson, you can ask your questions at any time and get answered fast.

► You will master Arabic pronunciation system

1— One of the common problems in learning Arabic is pronouncing words correctly from the early beginning, mispronouncing letters from the beginning will make you to mispronounce words accordingly.

2— In this course you will learn how to pronounce letters and words correctly from the early beginning and you will learn the common mistakes when pronouncing Arabic letters and words and how to avoid them.

3— You will learn Arabic pronunciation and points of articulation compared to English sounds and points of articulation (deep analysis) with examples.

4— You will learn new techniques on how to differentiate between الحروف المرققة والحروف المفخمة soft sounds and amplified sounds short and long vowels الحركات الطويلة والحركات القصيرة in words with many examples.

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