As a Senior Lecturer, I’ve seen 1000’s of portfolios whilst interviewing students for UK Universities & with the British Council. If you’re looking to build you Portfolio for application to University or employment, join The Portfolio Course and learn at home, in your own time.

The Portfolio Course by Sonia Nicolson-Gudrúnarson is taught completely online through short video tutorials. Learn how to Prepare, Plan & Build your Portfolio for Application to University, College or Employment.

✓ 100% online + Notes Provided

✓ work at your own pace + rewatch anytime

✓ built-in chat to interact with other students

You will learn what a portfolio is (in a physical & digital format), why they are important, how they are used for Academic and Professional purpose, and what your portfolio should contain. You will also get advice on Editing, Layout and Annotation (text), and some tips on dealing with nerves and confidence when it comes to presenting your portfolio of work.

The course starts with an introduction and overview. Examples of my work are shown and links to recommended websites for you to go explore and research. Optional Projects are available as PDF downloads to help you build great content for your portfolio, and there is a discussion section to chat about the course and ask questions.

Who this course is for:
  • Art and Design students
  • School leavers
  • Graduates
  • University students
  • College grads

Udemy Free Course::


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