This is the latest training on running paid traffic via the use of video ads.  Video advertising is STILL one of the most overlooked ways to get cheap, highly qualified traffic. Video advertising has made MILLIONAIRES!!! and it has done so very quickly.  Ever hear of Tai Lopez?  He started with nothing and stumbled upon YouTube paid ads.  He started with a small budget and now he spends millions a month on paid YouTube video ads.  Why?  Because it makes him millions of dollars in profits.  It’s a simple money in – money out formula that works.  Yes, Lopez was there in the beginning and was definitely in the right place at the right time, but there is still a huge opportunity to make the big bucks using this medium.

More and more people are starting to make very nice passive income from YouTube now,  one of the best ways to do this is use a free service like VidIQ or Tube buddy find a long tail keyword with high to medium search volume and do a small video of about 5-10 minuets, the beauty of this is if you want you DONT even need to be on camera or talk you can do this all from a software which can automate everything and make your life that much easier.

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