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WHO’S THIS FOR? – This course is designed specifically for those wanting to learn how to approach and visualize any type of data no matter how big or small. This course is not for beginners!!

Why do we Deep Dive?

In this day and age, businesses live and breathe data! We’ve become so good at collecting it that eventually it becomes too big to even manage. The ability to take that data, find patterns and trends is essential for the survival of both big and small business around the world.

From an individuals point of view, those with the ability to perform such analysis will become (if they’re not already) the most valuable people in every industry!

What will learn?

This course is made up of 3 tutorials and 3 assignment each with different complexities.

In the tutorials I’ll show you in extreme detail the steps I take when analyzing data. These are the same steps I use in my professional life. I’ll go through why I choose certain visualizations, how I come to build them as well as shortcut secrets I use to create visualizations far quicker than most of my colleagues.

The assignments themselves don’t have any one truth. In fact, deep diving is really about interpretation. You’re interpretation may be different from mine and that doesn’t necessarily make yours or mine correct or incorrect. However, whichever path you choose, be ready to logically defend why you do it that way.

This forms the second part of deep diving which is communicating your findings. I’ll show you how I do it so that even non-data people can understand.

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