Most web applications are running on a Linux server. It can be Red hat, CentOS, Ubuntu, Amazon Linux or any other flavor.

Many of us are using the Linux operating system.

you may use Linux to check some log files, update configuration files,

build and deploy software, manage infrastructure write some scripts, generate reports, etc.

whatever it may be..most of us spend a good amount of time working in a Linux server.

But some times, we were are not happy working on the Linux server.

the reasons could be

1. you will have to remember commands

2. you will have to type long commands

3. typos annoy us.

4. working in command-line interfaces takes more time than working on a GUI.

Things slow us down when we work in Linux command-line interface

In this course, I am going to show how to work faster in Linux CLI.

I want you to use Linux tools, features and techniques to work faster and smarter.

you will learn how to simplify you complex Linux commands

you will learn how to customize your working environment that will make you like Linux, more

You will avoid typos when you work in Linux command line terminals.

you will how to organize your resources in your reach and access them by a few keystrokes.

you will learn how to make use of bash scripts to make your work simpler.

In short, This course will save you time and reduce your effort to get your work done on a Linux server.

Who this course is for:
  • Beginner and Intermediate Linux users
  • Application testers
  • Developers
  • Infrastructure engineers

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