Did you know that the knowledge and speaking industry is worth upwards of $1 Billion per day, and if you do not know how to influence your audience on stage you will be missing out on that.

This course will teach you how to overcome your fear, develop mindset as a confident speaker and how to facilitate an event so you can take part in the industry of changing people lives at the same time you change yours for the better.

Is there a better way to spend your time on this earth?

I dont think so.

You Will Learn:

  • How to overcome the fear of public speaking
  • Develop the mindset of a confidet speaker
  • How to approach the audience like a pro
  • How to facilitate and plan a 1 & 2 day event/workshop
  • The difference on techniques and authenticity, and how to use it to become a SUPER SPEAKER!
  • How to rehearse your speech, so your confident when going to the stage.
  • My Before stage ritual
  • What to do when on the stage, to be confident.
  • How to structure a speech with influence (Templates INCLUDED)

Meet Your Trainer:

Taught by Lukas Siim, Public Speaking trainer, Business owner and huge passionated about human potential.

When Lukas for the first time tried public speaking he was not close to confident.

It was in school. He was sweaty, shaking and nervous. He describe his first couple of times on a stage like this:

”If you asked me as a kid how hell would look like, i would say it was being on stage”

He hated it so much, that he stopped going so school the days he should present, and would rather take the beating from his mom.

When he got older, he got a vision for his life. He wanted to change people lives and became dedicated to self-development and the ones that were teaching it (People like Tony Roobins).

But he had one problem.


He had two options:

Option 1) Throw away his dream and work in a 9-5 job for the REST OF HIS LIFE or,

Option 2) Learn how to do public speaking and change people lives while making his own better.

He chose option number 2,

and luckily he did.

He’s held dozens of speeches at Toastmaster,

been facilitator of 5 workshops (Included fear of public speaking workshops),

Spoken to his mentors events in front of hundreds of people.

And he continues his journey, and at the age of only 19, he has a long road in front of him.

Will you learn his proven system, become a confident speaker, start your journey and change your own life?

Then this course is made for you!

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