This course is all about improving your managerial effectiveness by applying some of the project management concepts, tools, and techniques when you are dealing with non-routine or project types of activities in your functional domain.

This course is structured with basic understandings of your day to day functional activities vs non-routine, uncertain, project type of activities in your functional domain. Explained the relevance of some of the project management skills in for your functional activities and how it will improve your business leadership qualities, personal effectiveness, and execution skill.I have picked up the best seven practices of project management and its application in your functional activities with practical insights in each practice. Also discussed some of the business, the interpersonal skills you should possesses which will help you to work with any cross-functional team and in uncertain activities with full confidence. I also shared the professional growth opportunities when you possess project management skill.

To get confidence to learn and implement Project management skills, i have given a summarised action plan in each of the best practices.

This course is very useful if you struggle to work with people beyond your functional domain and work in uncertain environments in your functional activities. You can be working professional from any functions like Human resources, supply chain, operations, marketing, and engineering.

At the end of the course, you will be able to re-look at your managerial capability from a different perspective, identify the gaps, and able to apply some of the project management skills to accelerate your growth. 

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