Experienced Entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of working in the field of Digital Marketing & Advertising. Worked with over 50+ Multinationals, Brands, Companies & Business Partners with a common goal i.e “WINNING”. Experience of spending over $1.5 Million on ad Platforms.

In this course, you will learn the Science of Digital Marketing in 90 minutes. The course is highly interactive with facts, examples, learning material & quizzes. After completing this course you will be in a position to form your own Business Digital Marketing Strategy.

7 Modules, 27 Sessions in 1 Course

  • Module 1 Introduction of the Course
  • Module 1.1  Digital Marketing is the Present & Future of Doing Business
  • Module 1.2 World’s Most Popular Social Networking Websites
  • Module 2. Why Can’t SME’s survive without Digital Presence with Examples?
  • Module 2.1. Reasons why Small & Medium Size Enterprise need Digital Presence
  • Module 2.2 Learning Notes
  • Module 3. How COVID19 has a significant impact on Ecommerce Platforms
  • Module 3.1 Amazon Covid19 Case Study with Statistics
  • Module 4. Learn How World has Evolved Digital with Examples
  • Module 4.1 A classic example of How food industry evolved in last one Decade
  • Module 4.2 Learn how Ordering a Taxi has evolved to digital Channels
  • Module 4.3 How the World’s communication has evolved to Digital Channels with Example
  • Module 4.4 Learn the Evolution of Digital Marketing in 6 minutes
  • Module 5. The difference between Traditional & Digital Marketing with benefits.
  • Module 5.1 – Digital Marketing Tracking & Optimization Benefit
  • Module 5.2 How AB split testing is possible in Digital Marketing with minimal cost & maximum flexibility
  • Module 5.3 How advertisers can accurately target the audience through Digital platforms
  • Module 5.4 Learning Key Pointers
  • Module 6. Welcome Note
  • Module 6.1 The most Important Nine Components of Digital Marketing
  • Module 6.2 Learn the power of Digital Marketing most important component – Social Media
  • Module 6.3 – What is Search Engine Optimization & its types
  • Module 6.4 Learn what is Affiliate Marketing with example
  • Module 6.5 Why Paid Ad Platforms are considered as the most important component of Digital Marketing
  • Module 6.6 How to create a Digital Marketing Plan
  • Module 6.7 Ending Notes
  • Bonus Learning Material

By the end of this course; you will grab the true importance of Digital Marketing & will be in a position to Create your own Digital Marketing Plan.

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