You’re about to be parachute dropped smack in the middle of the zombie hordes in order to infiltrate a secret data center in Moldova and recover lost files.

The previous operator there uploaded several tutorials on how to use Tableau to analyze the data. Follow the tutorials. Learn Tableau. And find the insights we need to save the world from the zombie apocalypse.

You will learn:

  • How to connect to data
  • Basics of the Tableau interface
  • How to build maps
  • View and tab management techniques
  • How to build effective bar charts
  • How to use aggregation
  • How to use hierarchical segments
  • How to compare measures
  • How to do a comparative multivariate bar chart

Why you should learn it:

  • Data visualization is in high demand
  • Tableau skills are in high demand
  • Knowing them will help you get a better job
  • Data visualization jobs typically allow working from home
  • Data visualization can even be applied to jobs that aren’t data-centric
  • Understanding data basics in a data-saturated world is important

The world needs you, analyst. Learn Tableau and stop the zombies.

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