The Russian language is related and can be a path to a dozen of other Slavic languages. like Polish, Czech or Ukranien. They share common grammatical Principles and much of the vocabulary. Russian is spoken across an immense territory, however it has no distinct dialects and only minor phonetic differences among various groups of Russian native speakers.

The course is for those who would like to get to acquire Russian in a short period of time. There are lots of materials represented, wich help you to memorize them automatically. You will get a large amount of practical exercises, such as “Fill in the gaps” exercises and translations. The course devided into 4 sections. Sections 1-3 have video instructions. As for forth Section, there materials represented as articles. The forth section is extra section, cause I belive you get all the important explanations in the first three sections. Each lesson (exept last section) strats with 10 – 20 minute Presentation wich enhanced with slides . I explain grammar rules and give instructions how to work with exercises given in  added resources. In the sections one and two you will find videos (external resources)  with further explanation to enhance your understanding of the topic.  In the Lesson 7 you will find vocabulary and my explanation to Baby Raccoon cartoon (Soviet 1974) and also a text with Baby Raccon song, which is very popular among Russians. It’s going to be a nice bonus.

In sections 1-3 you will find a quiz after each Lessons. They are 7 quizes. You will be asked to find appropriate translation to a phrase related to the topic.  And also in sections 1-3 (from introductory lesson to lesson 7) you wil be assigned a homework. Al the homeworks are the similar. You should write phrases using Russian cursive letters in the list of paper. That’s quit important, cause when we use a pen to write down words and sentences we engage our psychomotor system, which enhancing our memory capacity. After Assignment instructions you will find Solution rubric where I attached picture with done assignment, so you to be sure you’ve made it correct.

So that is all I can say about course. All the lessons are easy to follow. Your process of studying is going to be enjoyable and efficiant.

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