In this course, we will be learning Docker Containers within just 2-3hrs, so if you are looking to getting started with it fast this is the best course for you.

Key Highlights of the Course :

  1. We will start with the basic theory first understanding what is a container and why containers are used
  2. Then, we will also look into a sample use-case of Dev-ops with containers
  3. Then, we will set up all the infrastructure in GCP Ubuntu machine so it would be easy for you to follow up
  4. Then, we go one by one into all-important commands of Docker and see them Hands-on
  5. Then, will then see how to combine Apps, With Docker Compose
  6. Then, we will see what is Docker Hub and how to deploy your Containers to Docker Hub.
  7. Finally, we will be deploying a Sample SAP® CAPM App in Cloud Foundry which is a Popular Solution of PaaS for Enterprise

Udemy Free Course::


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