Our course relies on a method of learning basic Spanish language patterns in the simplest and most effective way.

For this course no previous knowledge of the Spanish is necessary.

We have created a language learning framework exclusively designed to help you focus on remembering useful Spanish language clichés doing it in a comfortable and highly visual way.

The course comprises of a set of videos showing a simple life story in progress. Inside you’ll discover a handful of characters and their action packed lives with scene-by-scene translations, verbal conjugations, examples of the uses and excercises to complete.

The story develops to get you hooked as you move through each of the 5 classes of this part. The more you get to know each of the characters, the more Spanish you’ll learn.

The course is packed with catchy and unforgettable videos, to ensure you remember the skills you’ve learned, even after completion.

By the end of the first 50 min class you will become familiar with some of the basic Spanish language patterns and vocabulary and will be able to use and recognize them in a conversation with a native speaker.

Who is the Course for?

«Miguel» is for those who don’t know a single word of Spanish or possibly just know the cliche words such as ‘Hola’ or ‘Como vas?’

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