• 6 full ITIL 4 Foundation verified exams by  (Nooreddin Tahayneh, ITIL 4 MP, ITIL Expert)
  • 360 best-in-class questions with no duplication , explanation of answers, linked to the study material chapters (shared with you after enrollment)
  • The exams are updated periodically based on the latest ITIL 4 Foundation exam syllabus
  • In addition to the exams , you will get access to the study material, study plan, and continuous mentorship till passing the official exam ( more details in “ITIL World” Facebook group)
  • The exams and the training material is more than enough to lead you till success
  • More than 50 students already passed the official ITIL 4 Foundation exam using these exams and study material

Training Plan :

  1. Read the 1st 4 chapters from the study material (Available in Facebook group “ITIL World”)
  2. Solve Practice Exam 1
  3. Read the last chapter from the study material (Practices)
  4. Solve Practice Exam 2
  5. Solve Practice Exams (3,4,5,6)
  6. if you achieve 80% or more in all exams , then you are more than ready to pass the official ITIL 4 Foundation exam

Instructor details:

Nooreddin Tahayneh (ITIL 4 MP, ITIL Expert)

email: noor.tahayneh@gmail.com

Linkedin: Nooreddin Tahayneh

WhatsApp: +970568600173

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