Have you always wanted to learn German, but thought that it was too time consuming, to expensive and to difficult?

Then this course is for you! In this free language course you will learn basic words and phrases in German in just one hour.

We will cover topics like:

  • How to greet someone in German
  • How to introduce yourself in German
  • How to talk about your family, hobbies and your profession in German
  • How to form questions in German and how to answer them

This course is the perfect course for an introduction to the German language and it’s conversation-based, which means that you will actively be able to speak some first sentences in German and use them in a conversation.

Are you ready to get started with German? Then fasten your seatbelt and let’s go!

Udemy Free Course::  https://www.udemy.com/course/german-basics-in-1-hour/



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