• This 45 minutes course helps you analyse your goal in English fluency and helps set a time frame to achieve it. It also makes you aware of your level and other levels in English according to the CEFR. It provides a step by step approach to becoming an autonomous/ independent learner on your journey to fluency. This is done mainly through a sample video lesson and learning a couple of things from the video. This demo/ sample video lesson is to be applied later on to continue your learning on your journey to fluency.


  • You will learn exactly how you can learn through YouTube videos, Rhymes, Ted talks…
  • You will overcome/eliminate your fears and hesitation of speaking in English by following the steps and the mantra
  • You will reorganize your approach to fluency by understanding how actually language acquisition works
  • You will feel confident with daily practice on topics of your own choice
  • You will learn to listen to a video, pick new phrases and expressions, repeat, reproduce and use them in context
  • You will get final tips to help you achieve your goal in English fluency
Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who has been learning English for quite some time now and yet is not able to speak confidently [A1 to B1 level]
  • Anyone who understands most English while listening and gets tongue tied when it’s his/her chance to speak
  • Anyone who wants to become an autonomous learner on his journey to English fluency

Udemy Free Course::  https://www.udemy.com/course/english-fluency-for-esl-efl/?


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