This 2-hour free course provides an overview of what an RTOS is and how it works. It is based on the CMSIS RTOS implementation of RTX5 in the STM32F29 Discovery 1 Development kit.

This course is launched initially with a duration of 2 hours and it is initially free. In the future, as more sections will be added, this will become a paid course so it is highly recommended to enrol now, as long as it is still free.

In this course, we will cover several subjects including the definition of embedded real-time systems and the basic theory of operation of RTOSs in general.

You will learn:

  • What is an RTOS
  • How the CMSIS RTOS API works
  • Thread Management & Pre-emption
  • Memory Pools
  • Semaphores
  • Timers & Thread Management
  • Signals (Flags)

This course will go in-depth, first examining the concepts of Real-Time Operating Systems from a theoretical point of view and then diving into practice, exploring how code is written in the Keil uVision environment and looking at the intricacies of such code.

This type of in-depth analysis will provide you with a rigid foundation upon which you can build a solid understanding of the Real-Time  Operating Systems. This rigid foundation, in turn, will ensure that you deeply understand how the hardware operates in the background you will be less likely to make mistakes when programming.

A lot of additional support material is provided as part of the course, including all of the code that you see written on the screen and the slides presented.

Throughout the course, extensive use of slides and graphics is being utilised to aid the understanding and memorability of complex concepts. All lessons come complete with coding exercises to help you practice the new concepts that are being discussed during the course and ensure that you have a thorough and practical understanding.

With this course, you get access to our exclusive course forum where you can directly ask the instructor any questions you like and collaborate with other students!

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