OVID real time data has been used for analysis.

The course is based on analysis and visualization of data basically for students keen to learn data sciences.

Learn Plotting of line graphs, scatterplots, box-plots , histogram etc . Read data sets, understand the data set, clean data, identify anamolies through visualisations.

Plot using several functions of library files like numpy, pandas, matplotlib . It contains one small test on the course learnt. A data set is provided for coding and practise purpose.

Data Analysis and Visualization using Python

1. Installation of Pycharm for Python

2. Importing pandas for

3. What is data analysis?

4. Understanding the data set.

5. Reading from a csv ,excel file.

6. Understanding relationships between data.

7. What is data Visualisation?

8. Installation of matplotlib for creating visualisation

9. Correlation

10. Tools:-

11. Scatter

12. Boxplot

13. Histogram

14. Line graph

15. Pie chart

Udemy Free Course:: https://www.udemy.com/course/covid-data-analysis-and-visualization-in-python/