Cloud computing is one the hottest technologies of the decade.

It is the key component that would influence almost all the industry around the world. It is not just a new technology but a way of computing which would definitely touch your lives. In this crash course, you would gather the basic fundamentals of the cloud computing, the definition, various models and some important terms related to cloud computing. All in all, the following topics would be touched.


  • Introduction
  • The enabling technologies of Cloud computing
    • Virtualization
    • Grid Computing
    • High Speed Internet Access
    • Service Oriented Architecture
  • NIST definition of Cloud computing
  • The 5-4-3 model of Cloud Computing
    • 5 Essential characteristics
    • 4 Deployment models
    • 3 Service models
  • Some important terms
    • Elasticity
    • Scaling
    • Shared security model
    • Service Level agreement
    • Availability
    • Fault tolerance

Version 0.1 : Published November-2020

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