In this course , you will learn and deploy chatbot using AWS Lex and Microsoft Azure on the cloud.

Firstly, We will learn chatbot development on AWS with lex, polly and transcribe.  And we will deploy chat-bots on both platform

Then we will create simple chatbot on Microsoft Azure, then after it we will embed chatbot into html website. After it we will create chatbot for Facebook page which will create good customer engagement and provide better 24*7 services to customers

Then learn how to crawl from different sources like FAQ links , documentation, product manual etc to create FAQ bot or you can called it as QnA chatbot. Then at last we will going to deploy Luis app. Luis stands for language understanding.

Once you complete this course, you will able to develop different kind of bot services provided by Microsoft azure and AWS.

Who this course is for:
  • Build a powerful Chatbot application with AWS Lex and Microsoft Azure
  • If you want to learn fundamentals of chatbot development like Intent, Entities, Dialog, etc

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