Top 10 Blockchain online Free Courses for 2020 

Here we have gathered some of the best-rated and reviewed courses on Blockchain technology that you can take for free. Check Below List of Top 10 Online Free Blockchain Courses with different topics

(Only Udemy )

1. Blockchain for beginners

“Blockchain for beginners” course is designed for those students who are willing to know more about Blockchain technology and want to start the career in it. It is an attempt to make you aware about Blockchain concepts and its architecture in a very simple and easy to understand way. This course also covers basics of cryptocurrency, bitcoin and bitcoin mining.

Who this course is for:
  • Blockchain Enthusiasts and beginners
  • Employees(Both freshers and experienced)

Rating : 3.9

Cost : Free

Course Link : Blockchain for beginners

2.Build a Blockchain & Cryptocurrency using Python 

Basically the course is divided in two parts:

In the first part we are going to explore the blockchain technology and its underlying components:

  • What is a Blockchain?
  • Hash Cryptography (SHA256)
  • Immutable Ledger
  • Distributed P2P Network
  • How Mining Works
  • Consensus Protocol

In the second part we are going to actually build a blockchain and simulate the behaviour of bitcoin network by creating different nodes and different clients sending their transactions to the network:

  • Create the core Blockchain
  • Build an API around the Blockchain
  • Create a P2P network of nodes
  • Implement a Proof-of-Work system
  • Create a transaction system for a cryptocurrency
  • Create a nice Web interface

Cost : Free

Rating: 4.6

Courses Link : Build a Blockchain & Cryptocurrency using Python  

3.Blockchain 101|Beginner course on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency 

Overview of the course:

The internet is changing, and because of it, the way companies are making revenue from their online customers is going under massive transformation. People are now more concerned about there privacy and security. This is the time to learn about blockchain and decentralization which is referred to as the biggest technological innovation since the invention of the internet itself.

Our team has years of research and development experience in the blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Financial Trading and tech space. We have experienced coaches that will guide you through the educational material to show you how you can get involved and get up to speed in the field of blockchain and excel in your career.

We make learning blockchain simple, fun, and affordable for our students around the world. Our goal is to educate as many as people as we can about this new technology, as well as the changes and opportunities it brings. We call it, Real Education for Blockchain.

Main focus will be on the following topics:

1. Blockchain

2. Evolution of internet

3. Cryptocurreny

4. Minning.

5. Wallets.

and a lot in the course and more courses to come.

Rating: 4.2

 Course Link: Blockchain 101|Beginner course on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency  


4.The Complete Course On Understanding Blockchain Technology

You will learn

  • What is Blockchain?
  • Background Information on this technology.
  • History of Blockchain
  • What is Bitcoin?
  • What is Mining?
  • How Bitcoin works?
  • Concepts of Bitcoin
  • SHA256 Hash
  • Blockchain Demo
  • Resources
  • Applications of Blockchain
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Smart Contracts And Ethereum
  • Digital Tokens
  • Limitations of Blockchain
  • Misconceptions on Blockchain and Bitcoin
  • Future of Bitcoin
  • Getting Started in Bitcoin

By the end of the class, you’ll know everything you need to know about this topic and be ready use that information for future applications and investments.

Cost: Free


Course Link:The Complete Course On Understanding Blockchain Technology


5.Building Blockchain Apps using Ethereum & Hyperledger Fabric

In this video series, you will learn how to build blockchain applications using two widely used blockchain platforms – Ethererum and IBM Hyperledger Fabric. You will understand blockchain concepts and architecture in detail, along with how to build public and private blockchain applications. As part of the video series, we would cover 2 use cases – “How to build a crowdfunding application on Ethereum”  and  “How to build a Trade Finance application of IBM Hyperledger Fabric”. The concepts listed in the video are generic enough, to help users build any blockchain applications for public and enterprise domain,The source code for the video series is also made available on GitHub.

Cost: Free


Course Link: Building Blockchain Apps using Ethereum & Hyperledger Fabric 


6.Blockchain 101 Beginners Free Course Bootcamp Cryptocurrency 

You will learn:

  1. Blockchain terms: Hash, Timestamp, Mining, Consensus, and Proof of work
  2. Creation of Chain – understanding the Genesis block
  3. Setting up Ethereum Blockchain ICO Environment
  4. Solidity high-level language for implementing smart contracts
  5. Broad DApps Decentralized Applications
  6. Investing in Crypto

Cost: Free


Course Link: Blockchain 101 Beginners Free Course Bootcamp Cryptocurrency  


7.Blockchain Business Basics – Enterprise & Business Use Cases 

Here are the key industries to be covered in the course:

  1. Financial Service (Cross-Border Payments, Capital Markets, Trade Finance)
  2. Supply Chain Management
  3. Governance (Government Accountability and Elections)
  4. Asset Tokenization (Land Registries and Real Estate)
  5. Identity Management

Cost: Free


Course Link: Blockchain Business Basics – Enterprise & Business Use Cases 


8.Blockchain cryptocurrency course 101 for absolute beginners 

This course aims at explaining the whole concept to you, this is not a course you wish to put aside because the whole blockchain cryptocurrency sphere is blowing up by the day. People who didn’t get to learn about it few months ago are regretting now.

Cost: Free


Course Link: Blockchain cryptocurrency course 101 for absolute beginners 


9.Blockchain – Complete reference

At the end of this course, you learn what blockchain is, what are block properties, how blocks are created, what are consensus mechanisms available, why where and how to use blockchain, history of blockchain, ethereum vs bitcoin, mining architecture, how miners are rewarded, what are open source blockchain platforms available, and many more

Cost: Free


Course Link : Blockchain – Complete reference 


10.Build with Blockchain: Deploy your own private blockchain


  1. What is a private blockchain and how will we create one?
  2. Deploying our cloud nodes
  3. Configuring the Blockchain
  4. Sending data through the Blockchain
  5. Creating an Express server to interact with the Blockchain


By the end of this course you will have deployed your own private blockchain network, and you will be able to post and read data flowing through the network! You will understand the differences between public and private blockchains, and have a good introduction to the technology stacks used in production environments.

Cost: Free


Course Link :: Build with Blockchain: Deploy your own private blockchain  


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