Amazon FBA 2021: How to pick a Profitable Product in 1 hour, increase your chances of success on Amazon FBA

In this course, you will learn the following:

  • How to identify a highly profitable product for amazon FBA
  • free online tools to use for your product research to find profitable niche products
  • Amazon FBA product research live demonstration
  • How to increase your chances of success on Amazon FBA
  • How to forecast your cost and profit
  • Product viability testing
  • Maximize your ROI (Return On Investment) to 200%+ per year
  • Pick a highly winning product each and every time
  • Leverage the Amazon platform to create a full-time income, much more by selling physical products with high sales volume and low competition
  • Use a set of rules and free online tools to discover the easiest and most profitable items to sell
  • Know where and how to source these items at little cost on the dollar
  • Understand how to create the ‘perfect’ listing on Amazon for high rankings
  • Know what Amazon shoppers are searching for and take advantage of that knowledge to get more sales
  • Be able to get stock and start selling even when on a very tight budget
  • Know how to kick start sales the right way
  • Understand how to use Amazon’s internal advertising feature
  • Be able to avoid the pitfalls and costly mistakes often made by new sellers
  • Take advantage of advanced tactics to take sales to a whole new level
  • Save a ton of time by tapping into niches and products that have already been researched
  • Know how to get approval to sell in lucrative restricted categories
  • Know the 5 things to focus on and the 5 things not to waste time on

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