Data Cleaning is the most tedious and time consuming task today. Industries spend lot of time in working out to get the right solutions, Hire Experts and Invest Time.  All this cleaning work can be managed smoothly by Alteryx.

Alteryx is

1) Data Cleaning Tool

2) Data Blending Tool

3) Predictive Analysis Tool

4) Spatial Analysis Tool

5) ETL Tool

6) Self Service Analytical Tool

This course is specially designed for participants having no knowledge about Alteryx and Want to upgrade skills to clean data set.

After Learning from this course, you would be able to Join datasets, perform union operations, Find and Replace, Fuzzy Match, Sort, Filter etc.

There are 260 + Tools available in Alteryx, This course covers the most important Tools used in the industry today.

At the end of the course, there would be Case studies uploaded soon.

Udemy Free Course::


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