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Can I help you learn German? Do you want to master German? So my classes are perfect for you.

Enroll in the 5-word German course right now and start speaking German from the very first class.

My name is Renan and I have been teaching foreign languages for over fifteen years. I love languages and, above all, I love teaching languages. This is my goal in life and my passion. I love to travel and speak with native speakers in their own language and discover the details of their culture and life. And it is for this reason that, throughout my life, I learned more than 10 languages and lived in more than 15 countries (including Germany, Italy, France, China, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Peru). I have been a language teacher for more than 15 years, an official translator and interpreter.

As a language teacher and student, I’ve always found that traditional methods are very boring, exhausting, and time consuming. My goal has always been to learn a language in a fast, fun and practical way. And I was successful!

And that’s why I’ve created the 5-word German course as a way to make learning German easier than ever and accessible to anyone, especially students who tried to learn and failed in the past, and people who want to understand how the language works and want to achieve more advanced levels. For this reason, I’ve decided to create a COMPLETE course with the first 15 lessons FOR FREE so you can see if the method is effective for you. And I am sure it is.

My course is perfect for beginners as well as for those students who do not have any knowledge of German, since I’ve divided the language into small chunks.

Before starting each lesson, I make a brief recap of what you’ve learned in the previous lesson and only after that the new words will be introduced. As these words will always be revised in the future, there is no risk of forgetting them.

With this method, you’ll stop being a total beginner and start building your own phrases in just a few minutes.

Enroll in the 5-word German course right now and start speaking German from the very first class.


Watch the first 15 lessons below for free and you’ll understand what I mean! I want you to really learn German, that’s why the first 15 lessons of this course are free and are here waiting for you.

I want you to see how simple and easy it is to learn German.


As the name suggests, each lesson in this course features 5 new words that you’ll learn.

As this first course is intended for beginners, the words will also be intended for beginners (or A1 according to the European framework for languages).

First, you’ll make a brief recap of the previous lesson and only after that you’ll learn the 5 new words that can be used to create new phrases. The pronunciation and the grammatical structures will be learned very efficiently and easily, along with words.

That is, in each lesson you will use the words and structures learned in the past lessons, in addition to adding the 5 new words and structures learned in the current lesson.

At the end of the course, we’ll do some objective and practical pronunciation classes and some additional exercises available in PDF or video recordings.

Throughout the course, sentences will become increasingly long and complex, but easy to memorize. This is a sign that you’ll be maturing in the language. But don’t worry, as a language teacher, I know how far I can go.

I’m sure you’ll not forget the words, as this is a revolutionary way of learning languages, and if this method worked for me to learn 10 languages and for thousands of other students, it’ll also work for you.

This is a very simple course with real time phrases, structures and practical exercises that are easy to remember, but I can assure you that it’s one of the most complete online language courses available on the market at a very affordable price.


– Always write the new words and phrases after repeating them.

– Always repeat words and phrases aloud.

– Talk to natives online and in person.

– Speak and ask your teacher (I am also at your disposal if you want to write in German) 🙂


When you start learning something new, you tend to start with a lot of excitement and motivation. In the first week, you study for hours, but in the following week, you will only study for an hour, and then you decrease to half an hour, then you decrease to once in a while, until you realize that you are not learning, so you get bored, disappointed and give up.

In addition, in traditional courses, we often learn phrases that we’ll never use. What I did in the 5-word courses was to change what you learned first. I’ve chosen the most used words and teach them so that you can learn things that you’ll really use.

This course features very short word lessons that are easy to memorize, with context and lots of practice. Vocabulary, structure and practice, this is what we need to learn a language. And with German it’s not different.


To learn something efficiently, you must be motivated, otherwise it’ll be a chore and you’ll end up giving up.

If you only learn 5 words and a few structures a day in classes that last 3-5 minutes, you’ll always keep the German language fresh in your mind. You’ll see that you’re learning and this will increase your enthusiasm to move on.


As someone who has studied and learned languages for more than 20 years, I can guarantee that 5 words a day in 3-5 minute classes are a thousand times more efficient than 4 hours, twice a week. It’s easy to find 3-5 minutes a day, even for the busiest people and agendas.

If you study 5 words a day in 3-5 minute lessons, it’ll soon become a habit in your life. It’s much easier to adjust to a 3-minute daily habit than an hour-a-week habit. By doing so, you’ll become a much more consistent student and consistency is the key to success.


This is the main reason for you to limit your study to only 5 words in short lessons. If you study something for a few minutes every day, your brain will memorize the information faster than if you study it for hours twice a week. Your brain will see that this information is repeated every day and will store it in your long-term memory, after all, German will be part of your daily life, right?

So I’ve created this course and this method. You’ll be impressed by the ease with which the words will remain in your brain if you limit yourself to learning only 5 words a day.

So if you want a complete, fast and easy course that really teaches you how to speak German and that won’t keep you on a basic level, sign up for the 5-word German course today.

Vielen Dank (thank you very much)

Enroll in the 5-word German course right now and start speaking German from the very first class.

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