Sadhana refers to a spiritual practice that is undertaken with focus and intention. Yogis for 1000s of years have done their sadhana in the recesses of Himalayan caves without the disturbance of outside distractions from their inward journey to the infinite. For most of us, this seems an improbable reality. However, sadhana can be accessed by us through our devout and systematic daily practice, within the lives that we lead in the world.

Guidelines for Practice:This 40 day sadhana is a daily entry to the silent cave within. Each week for 6 weeks, I offer a specific 10-25 minute audio guided meditation to help you establish a sitting meditation practice in your home, office, trains , planes & automobiles. Each week will provide new facets into the practice of meditation. Once you make the commitment to sit every day for 40 days, use the meditation recording for that specific week as a guide-map for your meditation sadhana. Work systematically and do not jump weeks, but know you can start any time. After the sadhana period is complete, you will have a better understanding and commitment of what meditation is and how you can sustain a daily practice.

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