The context of the course

In this course, the very core intention is for you to use these techniques to help you recognise the deeper essence of who you are. This is sometimes called Self realisation or enlightenment. The course is also open to those who want to use meditation to assist them in alleviating some issue such as stress, anxiety, depression or other issues. Whether this course and meditation alleviate these issues or leads to enlightenment depends upon you. The techniques come from a wide variety of traditions and religions. However, I have tried to present the techniques in ways which are practical without being dogmatic.

This course should be taken from the perspective of performing an internal investigation into who you truly are. In this process, many false assumptions of who you are seen and released until your true essence is all that remains.

The structure of the course

The course has been developed through the use of the technique I have used in my own meditative journey within. The techniques are from many different traditions but have been integrated in a way to assist you along your path. This has come from my own insights made whilst practicing these techniques and understanding how they can be used to create different shifts within.

The program has been structured in a way to take the beginner from the basics of meditation to the deepest realisations. The course starts with making an intention and commitment to the course. It then leads on to basics of posture and abdomen breathing. Correct posture and breathing is essential not only for meditation but also will positively impact your physical and mental health in daily life. Abdomen breathing will move into Dantien Breathing. This is a ancient practice of awakening the life energy at the point under the naval. This will help you to consciously awaken and develop this life energy.

One of the core meditations on this course is the mindfulness of the breath. We will cover the different variations of the technique which come from different traditions.

We will also present a new way of working with the mindfulness technique to awaken the life energy and direct it towards the third eye. I have personally found that awakening the third eye is a missing step to really go deeper into insight based mindfulness practices.

The Third eye technique awakens the third eye, a energy centre which opens us up to deeper insights and a clarity to see things as they are. The awakening of this centre will then allow us to proceed to contemplation of the impermanence of experience, on the cause of our self created suffering, the nature of “I” as a individual and “I” as existence itself. We will conclude with self inquiry based practices , where the attention is focused upon the question “Who am I?” and then into the recognition of our essence as unchanging awareness itself.

We will discover that true meditation is nothing but the recognition of who we are.

There will be also be the popular AUM or Om Mantra meditation, to awaken the energy centres and concentrate the attention.

This course would be incomplete without incorporating a heart based technique. A heart centred practice will help to balance emotions which may be stirred and awakened through this course. It will also empower you with the energy of love and compassion as you progress on the inward path.

Bonus meditations have been included in the course. You may wish to use these bonus techniques, outside of your main daily practice. Bonus meditations include Yoga Nidra, which is a Yogic Sleep, a technique to deeply relax and integrate all aspects of oneself. There is also a Sound Meditation included.

The flow of the program will also allow advanced students to practice techniques they know of, in a completely unique way. The course integrates different techniques from different traditions, all to create a conducive atmosphere within oneself for self realisation.

The techniques used are nothing but aids to assist in recognising your own true essence.

A comprehensive course with 15 different meditation techniques covering the following;

  1. Setting your Intention through Gong Intention Process
  2. Posture for Meditation
  3. Abdominal Breathing
  4. Lower Dantien/Hara Breathing (Energy Breathing)
  5. Mindfulness of the breath meditation on abdomen area
  6. Mindfulness of the breath meditation on nostril area
  7. Mindfulness of the breath meditation on the whole body breath
  8. Third Eye Meditation
  9. Heart Centre Meditation On Emotional Body With Crystal Singing Bowls
  10. Aum Mantra Meditation
  11. Meditations on Impermanence
  12. Self Inquiry, Who am I?
  13. Resting as Awareness
  14. BONUS: Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep)
  15. BONUS: Gong Bath Sound Meditation (15mins)


Who this course is for:
  • Do you want to learn to meditate in a systematic way? Go from foundational practices to advanced practices.
  • Practice different meditation techniques for 21 days through guided meditations, audio narration and a ebook. To suit any learning style.
  • Are you stuck in your meditation practice and are looking for a breakthrough? Learn many different meditations and perspectives to make life changing breakthroughs.
  • Do you need guidance and support to help you create a strong meditation practice?

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