Master the art of converting your investments in today’s buzzwords like big data into the actionable insights !

Please read the course description before enrolling !

Everyone is talking about big data these days, but that’s just the starting point for drawing high-value, actionable insights from your organization’s data.

This course takes students through the entire analytics lifecycle and workflow – beyond today’s hype and buzzwords – and describes how any organization can turn their investments in big data into the actionable insights they really need.

Instructor Shokat Ali introduces today’s relevant technologies and shows how best to apply them to specific business problems and opportunities within their organization.

By the end of the course, students will understand how the different classes of analytics—descriptive, predictive, and discovery—can lead to prescriptive action.

Topics include

  • Exploring the analytics taxonomy
  • Understanding prescriptive analytics fundamentals and workflow
  • Looking at data warehousing and business intelligence
  • Exploring big data
  • Collecting and processing data
  • Exploring triggering events
  • Formulating business hypotheses
  • Refining and enriching business hypotheses
  • Reaching definitive conclusions
  • Putting the finishing touches on prescriptive analytics
Who this course is for:
  • If you aim to solve business problems with Data

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