Bridges are very important part of traffic system and it is used mainly to reduce the traffic jam and to connect areas where the terrain like rivers and mountain exists. The construction of bridges is very essential in modern life to accommodate the huge increase in number of vehicles. In this course we will discuss the steps of construction Box Girder Bridge.

we will discuss components of bridge such as pilling: method of executing piles and tests used to verify pile quality and ability to transfer the structure load. also we will discuss pile caps , piers and superstructure.

prestressing is an important part of constructing a bridge. we will discuss component of prestressing system , equipment’s , stressing sequence and prestressing losses. Friction losses and how to obtain friction coefficient from friction test at site.

Bride bearing is important element and it transfer the loads from superstructure to substructure. also provide flexibility to structure by allowing rotation and movement. we will discuss reason behind using bearing, bearing types , bearing component , pressting , articulation of bearings and tests for bridge bearing.

Finally expansion joint’s, reasons behind using expansion joint , types and component of expansion joint and method of installing the expansion joint.

The intention of this course is to bridge the gape between practical life and academic life by presenting concepts that can’t be found easily in books or  academic study.

Who this course is for:
  • Civil/structural engineering’s
  • Every engineer who want to improve his/her knowledge and fill the gap between college and practical life

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