What Is Lightbox?
The internal ZBrush browser that makes it easy to access assets like 3D brushes, tools, projects, textures and alphas is called the Lightbox.
What Is Matcaps?
MatCaps is use image maps to simulate the effects of lighting on different types of surface.
The Z in Zbrush Stands For?
Z axis.
ZBrush Interview Questions and Answers

What Is Zbrush's Scripting Language?
Zscript is Zbrush's scripting language.
What Are Alphas?
Grayscale images loaded into ZBrush to add effects to sculpting brushes are Alphas.
What Is Topology?
A pattern of polygons that constitutes a mesh is called Topology.
What Is Pinch?
Pinch function will bring two edges closer together.
What Is Polymesh?
A model composed of polygons is a Polymesh.
In Order to Sculpt, An Imported Model Must Be Turned Into Which Subtool?
Polymesh 3D.
What Is Dynamesh?
DynaMesh tool allows ZBrush to retopologize your mesh by pressing ctrl and dragging outside the model in the document.
How to Use Makepolymesh3d?
MakePolymesh3D button do you use to allow a mesh to be edited by the sculpting tools.
What Is Decimation?
The process of reducing polycount is called Decimation.
Bpr Stands For?
Best Preview Render
If You Wanted to Adjust the Softness or Falloff Edge of a Brush, Which Slider Should You Adjust?
Focal Shift slider should you adjust when you wanted to adjust the softness or falloff edge of a brush.
What Is Anti-aliasing?
The technique used to smooth out the edges of shapes is called Anti-aliasing.
What Is Shadowbox?
Shadowbox is Usese to scale models to reference images.
What Does the Z Intensity Slider Control?
The depth or height of the brush stroke.
The Information Regarding Which Side of a Polygon Faces In And Which Side Faces Out Is Known As The Polygon's?
The information regarding Normal side of a polygon faces in and which side faces out is known as the polygon's.
What Is Layer?
Layer palette separates canvases that are merged together.
How to Use Fileexists?
FileExists Zscript command to verify that a file is on your computer.
What Would Happen If You Held Down The "ctrl" Key While Hovering Over Buttons?
A box explaining the button will appear.
Typing Unicorn* Into the Lightbox Search Field Will?
Search for all files in the selected folder that begin with "Unicorn".
What Additional Information Does a Pixol Contain, That A Pixel Does Not?
Depth, orientation and material.
What Is Strings?
In Zscript, groups of characters are called Strings.
If You Are Using a Brush to Paint or Sculpt On Only an Objects Cavities What File Menu and Tab Would You Find the Setting to Do This?
If you are using a brush to paint or sculpt on only an objects cavities Brush-Auto masking file menu and tab would you find the setting to do this.
What Will Clicking One Of The Four Stack Icons to The Right of The Lightbox Frame Do?
Changes the number of rows in the Lightbox menu.
Which Function Will Store New Data in An Existing Key Frame?
Shift+Ctrl+click on the key frame dot.
Which Colorization Technique Takes a Smooth Gradient and Converts It to Fewer Steps with Abrupt Changes Between Them?
Posterization colorization technique takes a smooth gradient and converts it to fewer steps with abrupt changes between them.
Which Brush Modifier Slider Will Apply Multiple Brushes at Once Along the Stroke to The Surface?
Trails Brush Modifier slider will apply multiple brushes at once along the stroke to the surface.
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