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What is Hadoop Sqoop?
Hadoop sqoop is an open source and sub project of Hadoop. Hadoop sqoop is a tool that designed for efficiently transfer the huge amount of data between Apache hadoop and structure databases such as relational database management systems (RDBMS) like Sql, oracle, MySQL databases.
In other words, Hadoop sqoop is used for import and export the huge amount of data from RDBMS to HDFS and HDFS to RDBMS
RDBMS such as MySQL, oracle, sql
HDFS such as Hive, Hbase

Hadoop sqoop word came from?
Sql + Hadoop = sqoop

Why is Sqoop is used?
Hadoop sqoop mainly used for import and export the huge amount of data from RDBMS to HDFS and HDFS to RDBMS

What are the relational databases supported in Sqoop?
Below is the list of RDBMSs that are supported by Sqoop Currently.
  • MySQL
  • PostGreSQL
  • Oracle
  • Microsoft SQL
  • IBM’s Netezza
  • Teradata
What are the destination types allowed in Sqoop Import command?
Currently Sqoop Supports data imported into below services.
  • HDFS
  • Hive
  • HBase
  • HCatalog
  • Accumulo
What are the majorly used commands in Sqoop?
In Sqoop Majorly Import and export commands are used. But below commands are also useful some times.
  • codegen
  • eval
  • import-all-tables
  • job
  • list-databases
  • list-tables
  • merge
  • metastore
How Sqoop can be used in a Java program?
The Sqoop jar in classpath should be included in the java code. After this the method Sqoop.runTool () method must be invoked. The necessary parameters should be created to Sqoop programmatically just like for command line.

What is the process to perform an incremental data load in Sqoop?
The process to perform incremental data load in Sqoop is to synchronize the modified or updated data (often referred as delta data) from RDBMS to Hadoop. The delta data can be facilitated through the incremental load command in Sqoop.
Incremental load can be performed by using Sqoop import command or by loading the data into hive without overwriting it. The different attributes that need to be specified during incremental load in Sqoop are-
Mode (incremental) –The mode defines how Sqoop will determine what the new rows are. The mode can have value as Append or Last Modified.
Col (Check-column) –This attribute specifies the column that should be examined to find out the rows to be imported.
Value (last-value) –This denotes the maximum value of the check column from the previous import operation.

Hadoop sqoop is which type of Tool?
Hadoop sqoop is a Data transfer tool

What are the main methods of data transferring in Hadoop sqoop?
Mainly two operations
  1. Import
  2. Export
What are the basic available commands in Hadoop sqoop?
  • Codegen
  • Create-hive-table
  • Eval
  • Export
  • Help
  • Import
  • Import-all-tables
  • List-databases
  • List-tables
  • Versions
How we can check Hadoop sqoop installed or not in a system?
Just type the Hadoop sqoop help command
Hadoop sqoop help

Use of Codegen command in Hadoop sqoop?
Generate code to interact with database records

Use of Create-hive-table command in Hadoop sqoop?
Import a table definition into Hive

Use of Eval command in Hadoop sqoop?
Evaluate a SQL statement and display the results

Use of Export command in Hadoop sqoop?
Export an HDFS directory to a database table

Use of Help command in Hadoop sqoop?
List available commands

Use of Import command in Hadoop sqoop?
Import a table from a database to HDFS

Use of Import-all-tables command in Hadoop sqoop?
Import tables from a database to HDFS

Use of list-databases command in Hadoop sqoop?
List available databases on a server

Use of list-tables command in Hadoop sqoop?
List available tables in a database

Use of version command in Hadoop sqoop?
Display version information
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